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Holland Construction is Safety

Every field, jobsite Supervisor at Holland Construction is required to maintain OSHA 30 status.  Even Corporate office employees are either OSHA 10, or OSHA 30, or enrolled to become OSHA 30.  At Holland, Safety is not taken lightly.

So far in 2022, Holland can boast 0 jobsite accidents, and 0 days lost due to accidents.

A Holland jobsite Superintendent starts each day by looking over the planned activities for the day, then opening his safety manual, and OSHA manual, and reviews the Safety Procedures for those activities. The onsite Superintendent will then make all special safety apparatus available to all craftsmen on site.  He will further notify management of Subcontractors to verify they have briefed their employees of the special safety requirements for that given day.  Periodically On-site Management will make a “Safety Walk” to make sure all special safety ways and means are being utilized on the job site.

This is in addition to the On-Going, daily Safety Protocol that is covered in an OSHA 30 Protocol, such as steel toed reinforced boots, hard hats, eye protection, and hearing protection where appropriate.

Holland Construction is obliged to protect every worker on the job, all visitors, and any inspectors, or government personnel, design personnel as well as ownership representatives. 

Accidents Cost both time and money, personal injury, and most can be avoided with implementation of safety equipment, ways and means, and someone making sure those are in place and operational. 

Holland leads the way in the industry in providing a safe work environment. 

Take advantage of the Holland Safety Standards on your job by calling Joe A Lansdown at 405-861-2423, or email to find out how we take Safety Seriously, and put a Safety Program in place and monitor it for your construction project. 

Joe Lansdown, MBS, CCM

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